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Old Florida?  You want it? We have it!  Just drive north of Crystal River on US 19, go over two bridges, turn left on State Rd 40 and there you are!  You have just entered the twin communities of Inglis and Yankeetown, Florida nestled on the north bank of the Withlacoochee River.  Nothing much has changed here since the early 1900’s when Capt. John Livingston Inglis was in charge of phosphate trains that ran to Port Inglis to be offloaded into barges on the Withlacoochee River.  Tugboats then pushed them to deep water where the phosphate could be transferred to oceangoing steamers on their way to Europe. The start of World War I put an end to the business.

Nothing much happened for the next 20 years, other than the locals kept carving out a meager living and enjoying the great fishing and hunting the area offered as it had for previous civilizations.  It was 1922 when a sharp operator and sportsman from Indiana, Armanis F. Knotts, was dazzled by the superb fishing and hunting.  He touted the area to his northern friends as a resort.  Founded in 1923 the town originally named after its founder, acquired its present name from the fact that the local mail carrier frequently and derisively referred to the settlement as “That Yankee Town.”  The name stuck.

Today, the scorn is gone. What remain are the excited tales of fishermen, kayakers and birders when they tell friends and acquaintances of their adventures on the River, Gulf and marshes around Inglis/Yankeetown. Along Riverside Drive, the waterfront homes are a mix of older frame homes and newer more opulent structures. There are a few waterfront lots still available as well as both types of properties on the north side of State Rd 40. Both villages offer the tranquil atmosphere of bygone days and the superb sporting opportunities that are so scarce in this day and age.

We have agents who are very familiar with the area which is located just 10 miles north of our Crystal River office. To find the home of your dreams or to build that dream home in this unique environment, please contact us here.




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